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Who We Are

The Alliance of Canadian Franchisees (ACF), formerly the Great White North Franchisee Association, is an independent advocacy and support organization representing dedicated Tim Hortons franchisees across Canada. 

Who We Are

Our History


Our members represent the history, lifeblood and growth of one of Canada’s most treasured brands. Tim Hortons corporate ownership has changed several times over 50+ years, including the current foreign-controlled holding company.  But one constant has remained at the heart of more than a half century of success and customer loyalty among Canadians – dedicated, community-based Tim Hortons franchisees.


Local franchisees have been the driving force behind the chain’s grassroots expansion from coast to coast to coast. They have operated Tim Hortons restaurants for 20, 30, more than 50 years in some cases. Generations of franchisees have grown up in their family’s restaurants and continued the tradition of serving customers and communities – every day, for decades. Demonstrating the values of co-founders Tim Horton and Ron Joyce, franchisees helped build the brand to be consistently ranked as one of the most respected, influential and beloved in Canada.


We formed the Great White North Franchisee Association (GWNFA). Our mission was to independently represent franchisees, including advocating for franchisee rights in the face of new corporate ownership evolution of our business model, managing supplier relations, and promoting brand reputation.




The Alliance of Canadian Franchisees is a member of the Coalition of Franchisees Association (CFA). The CFA is the largest franchisee-only association in North America, representing more than 40,000 franchisees.

We rebranded our organization and now operate as the Alliance of Canadian Franchisees. We continue to follow in the footsteps of many other restaurant chains that have established active independent associations to represent their interests and ensure their voices are heard.

Our History
ACF Accomplishments

In its short existence, the ACF has been instrumental in defending franchisees rights and interests.

We have helped reverse ill-advised initiatives, processes and decisions, helped modify and improve others and made significant progress in demonstrating that a fair and constructive relationship with franchisees benefits everyone – the corporate ownership, the franchisees and Canadians.

Our single most important accomplishment to date is the $37.4M negotiated legal settlement in 2019. Among the key terms:

  • $10 Million payment over the two years toward enhancing local marketing initiatives

  • $2 Million payment to cover the lawsuit’s legal and administrative costs

  • The ability for franchisees to negotiate their own insurance contracts and dairy supply contracts to assist with reducing costs

  • Amendments to the Franchisee Advisory Board Governance Handbook to increase the transparency of Ad Fund expenditures to franchisees

  • For the first time ever, franchisees have a system where they can engage directly with each other

Our Accomplishments
Making a Difference

Tim Hortons franchisees are also proud of their accomplishments that have directly contributed to the economy, local communities and the restaurant staff:


Franchisees have been the driving force behind the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. For years, franchisees have donated all their coffee proceeds of “Camp Day.” Together with other fundraising efforts, they have contributed nearly $200 million – the vast majority of fundraised dollars. That money has helped nearly 300,000 economically underprivileged children attend summer camps since the first camp opened in 1975.

Executive Director

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Dave Lush

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Executive Director


David Lush, an experienced franchise executive with decades of franchising leadership, experience as a media spokesperson and a firm belief that a healthy working relationship between franchisor and franchisees can benefit everyone.

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