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Why Join

Consider the impact to your business since the takeover of Tim Hortons by parent company Restaurant Brands International (RBI). Now also consider your future. We ask:

  • Will the status quo help you be more successful, or less?

  • Will a franchisee association, independent of any corporate influence or pressure, operate with the autonomy to best represent your interests?

  • Like the dozens of other successful associations that stand up for franchisees like you, will an independent association offer better protection of your legal rights, your priorities, your business and your future?


ACF represents our members and is accountable to you and no one else.

An Independent Voice


The ACF is committed to providing ongoing, accurate and unfiltered information on what is happening across the chain: regional sales, local product test marketing, member concerns, independent research and studies, etc. We regularly hear from franchisees that information is lacking from corporate. We will help.   

Reliable, Independent Information


Who knows better how to run a franchise business than franchisees? We have decades of grassroots experience and best practices, and for the first time, the ability to share those with each other freely. Corporate ownership has never allowed a system where franchisees can engage directly with each other and share. Now, franchisees can learn from each other about best practices, avoiding trouble spots, accessing government programs, and more.

Shared Best Practices Chat Groups


ACF is developing tools to support members in improving their businesses.  These will include operations, policies and overall profitability; and a focus on operating standards and the changes imposed by corporate programs.  ACF is also building access to a roster of external advice to help in a variety of other areas. 

Education and Support


We have the guaranteed right to associate as an organization. In addition, in the  2019 legal settlement corporate ownership committed to not discouraging anyone from joining or participating in our organization. Our member list is confidential and will never be made publicly available. Still, we recognize that some franchisees may want to remain anonymous even within the alliance. To that end, we offer an anonymous membership through our legal counsel Himelfarb Proszanski. You would join not through the alliance  but only through the legal firm. Your annual fees and identity would be secured , and even ACF board and staff would not know your identity. Contact for more information.

Confidential Membership



There is strength in numbers. More members means more influence in discussions with corporate ownership. More members means sharing more best practices with other franchisees. More members means support for more resources: to fund independent research that is your priority, to fund any necessary legal challenges to protect your business and family; to negotiate better supplier and vendor contracts to improve your profitability; and more.

Membership Application
Membership Application

Membership is open to all Tim Hortons franchisees that own or operate Tim Hortons franchises, except for those franchises that are owned or operated by, or affiliated with, TDL Group Corp. or Restaurant Brands International or its owners. 

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact:

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